China in Mission

The 21st century sees a new China church which has been growing from mere survival to maturity. What marks its maturity? The number of believers? No. What marks a mature Chinese church should be its role in mission.

By the 1940s, the footprints of Chinese missionaries had already spread all over China, from the coastal cities all the way to Xinjiang. Today, Chinese Christians are determined to follow the footsteps of their forefathers and enter a new era of China mission.

“China in mission” should not remain a slogan of promotion. It has to be actions that transform people’s lives and reach the world through the power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.


A New Model for Bible Mission

The Chinese Standard Bible™ distinguishes itself from other translations by its application of computer technology in the process of Bible translation. The dynamic linking between the original language and the target language enables cross-checking for consistency of the translation, and produces a concordance at any point during the translation process. The system also provides translators and reviewers with a platform which makes it possible for them to work at any place and at any time, whether online or offline, in or out of office, in small or big chunks of time. All their work can be automatically collected into a central database via the Internet. The system also contains rich Bible resources which are especially valuable in places where there is a lack of Bible scholars.

Global Bible Initiative and Holman Bible Publishers are focused on providing more solutions with this new model which speeds up Bible translation, saves human and financial resources and, most important of all, faithfully presents the Word of God.